System Oil SAE 30 TBN 5

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Marine SO 5 Series are high quality marine system oil, formulated from solvent-refined paraffin base oils having high thermal stability and resistance to oxidation. These inherent base oil characteristics are augmented by a balanced additive package containing oxidation inhibitors, alkaline detergents, dispersants and antifoam agents. They have been developed specifically for use as system oils in modern high-output cross-head type marine diesel engines. They provide adequate lubrication for bearings and other moving parts, including cams and gears, plus effective cooling of pistons in cross-head engines. Marine SO 5 series are a high-performance system oil that ensure enhanced cleanliness for two-stroke, crosshead type marine diesel engines operating under severe conditions.

​Clean crankcase and circulation tanks Outstanding piston-cooling efficiency
Provide Improved rust protection Excellent TBN retention with low oil consumption
Superior FZG performance and retention without impact to demulsibility​​ Excellent thermal stability can lead to reduced carbon deposits and sludge formation ​ ​

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System Oil SAE 30 TBN 5

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