Cylinder Oil SAE 50 TBN 100

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CL 100 Series are superior, high-alkaline, cross-head engine oils, developed specifically for lubrication of modern, high output cross-head type engines.​ CL 10050 is advanced cylinder oil designed to prevent premature liner wear in two-stroke engines operating on heavy fuel oil with a sulfur range of up to 3.5wt%.

​Use strong alkali additives to prevents corrosion wear of the cylinder liners Designed to ensure vessel operators can meet the new ECA sulfur requirements without compromising on engine protection and performance.
Outstanding detergency capability leads to cleaner piston rings and liners Excellent TBN retention with low oil consumption
Fast separation from water in case of water contamination​​​ Excellent thermal stability can lead to reduced carbon deposits and sludge formation ​ ​

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Cylinder Oil SAE 50 TBN 100

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