Trunk Piston Oil SAE 30 TBN 12

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Marine TP 12 Series are high performance multi-functional diesel engine lubricants that are specially designed for the most severe main propulsion and auxiliary marine trunk piston engines burning low sulfur distillate fuel(up to 1.0wt% sulfur)​. S-OIL Marine TP 12 Series are primarily recommended for use in high-output trunk piston marine diesel engines operating on heavy residual fuels

​Excellent TBN retention, with low oil consumption​ Controls black sludge deposts thus increasing oil filter life and reduces cleanding frequencies.
Low under crown deposits​​​ Excellent TBN retention with low oil consumption
Low cylinders wear rates Improved anti wear properties, reduces ring & liner wear.​

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Trunk Piston Oil SAE 30 TBN 12

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