Trunk Piston Oil SAE 40 TBN 15

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Marine TP 15 series are high performance trunk piston engine oil for medium speed marine and industrial type trunk piston engines operating on low Sulphur distillate fuel (Sulphur upto 1.0%). Marine TP Series are recommended for crankcase lubrication in medium-speed marine type diesel engines. They also be used to separate bearing lubrication and piston cooling of large crosshead type engine under severe service conditions at appropriate viscosity grades.

​Excellent TBN retention, with low oil consumption​ Controls black sludge deposts thus increasing oil filter life and reduces cleanding frequencies.
Low under crown deposits​​​ Excellent TBN retention with low oil consumption
Increased protection against cylinder and bearing wear. Improved anti wear properties, reduces ring & liner wear.​

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Trunk Piston Oil SAE 40 TBN 15

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